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The White House Climate Education Event

Lanier’s current & ex-students and staff attended The White House Climate Education Event on August 20, 2015. More than 150 students, educators, and education policy leaders from across the country attended the event.

IMG_3868IMG_3896 IMG_3891 IMG_3887

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American Black Ducks – A perfect habitat at Lanier!

American Black Duck being raised in Lanier MS courtyard! Each year the couple flies into the courtyard finding it a safe place to raise their young. Lays her eggs and then enjoys the safe habitat. Students ensure that its a perfect habitat for them. They are fed organic food and the pond is filled with water. Check out the video below:


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Solar Model House Contest

Lanier Middle School students building a solar model house. This was a school wide competition, where students had to go through multiple steps: Drawing, Material & R-Value Research, Insulation & Aesthetics Test, and presentation.

IMG_2886IMG_2887IMG_2888IMG_2890Solar Model House Competition DSC03851 (2)

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