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Lanier MS at GMU Environmental Showcase

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2016 NSBA Innovation Challenge, Boston

2016 NSBA Innovation Challenge:

On April 10th, 2016 four students from Lanier MS participated in the 2016 NSBA Innovation Challenge in Boston. They were competing against a school in Montgomery County, Maryland, and a school in Washington, DC.  Students were given a global problem, and they had to come up with an innovative solution. Just a day before the competition when they arrived in Boston they were given a twist to their problem and they had to address that in their solution and present to the DLR Group team (sponsor of this event) and many school board members from across the nation. Lanier students won the 1st place award in this challenge and will receive scholarships from thIMG_5587IMG_5584IMG_5558IMG_5537e DLR Group.

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Environmental Showcase/Caring for Our Watershed

Caring for Our Watershed Contest: On April 6, 2016 Lanier MS students participated in the Caring for Our Watershed Competitions at George Mason University.  Lanier MS students won 5 of the 10 awards at this event.

Following project based learning proposals were presented:

  • 1st place winner – Classes Planting Grasses”: students will grow SAVs in science lab through winter and then go on a field trip to Chesapeake Bay to plant them during Spring
  • 3rd place winner: “Ban the Bottle Continued”- students shared data from current water bottle filling fountains at Lanier (which were installed this school year by funding from last year’s award from Caring for Our Watershed and Fairfax City Funds) and its positive impact/request to for more fountains for upper level of school.
  • 6th place – “Journey to a Jolly Watershed” – Building a rain garden on school grounds to stop runoff and erosion
  • 7th place – “Ban the Bag”: promote use of canvas bag to help stop the use of plastic bag and its impact on environment
  • 8th – “Green Roof for VA” – building a standalone tool shed with green roof in school courtyard and reduce the impact of urbanizationIMG_5428DSCN1832IMG_5446IMG_5431

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